Print publishing

Automated print production using InDesign without any compromises in terms of design

Producing market-specific print publications without automation or a database is a very time-consuming process and prone to errors. crossbase supports project management and automates print production in Adobe InDesign with three flexibly combinable layout processes:

  • Modular: Single or double pages with a modular layout, e.g. industrial catalogs
  • Free placement: Single or double pages with creative layout and full freedom of design using the Adobe InDesign library, e.g. editorial pages and artwork pages
  • Continuous: Publications with the same layout throughout, wrapped continuously, e.g. price lists

crossbase supports all processes in print publishing: not only the positioning of images, text and tables but also the management of layout templates and page flows. Language changes, the correction process, the book function for producing the entire document with pagination, cross-references, type area control, indexes and price updates, and finally editing for printout and black-plate change inspection are also integrated.

You can find references on using print publishing here: Examples of best practice: print

Main module

Module description

Automatically produced InDesign pages, which do not hint at their "artificial" origin, can easily be achieved by layout specialists and graphic designers with crossbase print tools. Using the flexible layout module, you can produce not just structured print publications, but also creatively complex pages, such as artwork pages and editorial pages, with the aid of a database.

Complete InDesign integration

crossbase provides the complete integration of Adobe InDesign in the print process. The InDesign layout model is integrated in the crossbase database to store all of the layout information for InDesign documents. This makes it possible to make manual layout changes to the InDesign document and create freely designed layouts to implement subsequent updates, language changes and country adaptations. New versions of InDesign can be installed as soon as they become available with almost no interruption to production.

Layout editor

The layout editor is operated in a similar way to Adobe InDesign and is easy to get to grips with. No previous knowledge of scripts is needed. The crossbase layout editor offers a number of pre-configured layout rules. Flexible layout templates can be produced with innovative functions such as displacement and page make-up control. These can then be reused for similarly structured pages.

Table editor

Product tables are created in the table editor. All requirements, covering everything from default tables to complex matrix tables, are satisfied. Tables can contain features as well as product images, texts and prices.

Traffic light switching

The traffic light switching system was designed with the requirements of the layout specialist in mind. Events are continually logged from data maintenance and their impact on existing catalog pages displayed using the colours of a traffic light system. The layout specialist can therefore see at a glance which pages need checking and updating.

Optional modules

Document import

Manually produced Adobe InDesign documents can be quickly and easily saved in the database with image files, tables, texts and complete layout information. Language changes etc. can then be produced automatically.

Batch module

Frequently recurring "mechanical" steps ought to be achievable without manual intervention. That's why this module automates all steps in the catalog production process - from multi-lingual table and page production to pagination and type area control. For optimum efficiency, production can take place on several computers at the same time in a scheduled process by selecting the “print server” option.

Book preview

This extra module provides an instant update on the production status. All produced pages are presented in a preview arranged by chapter with left- and right-hand pages. The make-up of cover pages, inside pages and page flows (single and double pages) can be visually checked prior to editing for printout with book production, pagination and type area control.

Project management

Usually a whole team is involved in planning, producing and proofreading a print publication. This module allows you to organise and optimise these processes. For instance, employees can be notified when a particular task needs to be done and by what deadline. The print publication status is clearly displayed throughout the process.

Print server

This module enables the distributed production of print products on several computers. Available computers report their availability to the crossbase print server, which distributes production jobs in parallel to the available clients.

Black-plate change inspection

The module ensures that page flows produced via crossbase.print are suitable for the print process with black-plate change. Here, the documents selected by the user are subjected to an automated inspection to ensure that the colour portion of the documents or layers are identical, so that any deviations are identified in good time.

Catalog export

This module makes it possible to export all media files and texts of a catalog, including all InDesign files and print-relevant media files. Open documents can thus be made available for the print process and archived. The exported catalog is mapped in a folder structure. Foreign-language texts are additionally grouped by folder.


Das Modul erlaubt die automatisierte Erstellung von Print-Publikationen mit Listenlayouts wie beispielsweise bebilderte Preislisten. Die Software vereint höchstmögliche Flexibilität mit hohem Anspruch an das Design. Hierzu werden tabellarisch aufgebaute InDesign-Vorlagen mit in Excel aufbereiteten Datenquellen über vordefinierte Regelwerke „verheiratet”. Das Modul kann stand-alone ohne Datenbankanbindung betrieben werden und ist somit auch in Landesgesellschaften mit geringem Schulungsaufwand einsetzbar.

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