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The crossbase database as a supplier for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and InDesign

Office integration provides users with company-wide access to content in the PIM system. Employees in sales, marketing or the customer centre can filter product information quickly and easily and insert this directly into Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Adobe InDesign files.

You can find references on using the Office module here: Examples of best practice: Office

Main module

Module description

In many company divisions, images and graphics from the marketing department are used to visually support offers or produce data sheets and presentations, for example. With its powerful search engine and Windows Explorer-style operation, the Office link ensures the provision of standardized and up-to-date marketing content such as images, texts and product features in compliance with the corporate design and corporate wording.

Wide range of filters

The search options in the product or image database/MAM include one or more navigation trees and searching by full text, category or keyword. The extended full-text search includes the content of product texts and captions. The product information for selected products from the list of results is clearly displayed under the categories of media files, texts, attributes, relationships and views.

Inserting in Office programs

Media files and texts are inserted in Word, PowerPoint and Adobe InDesign on a language-specific basis. Media files are automatically provided in the defined format and required quality for Office programs. Product features, accessories and spare parts are output in table form. A media file search displays the files found. These can be downloaded or e-mailed as a ZIP archive.

Optional modules

Wish list

All content that is found can be permanently saved in wish lists, for example, frequently used or thematically composed media files, texts or items. Alongside a standard wish list, any number of further wish lists can be created by the user. The standard download and add functions are available in the wish list.

Data sheet configurator

The data sheet module is used to flexibly configure document templates for data sheets and technical documentation and automatically generate them as Word documents including tables of contents. The user creates a document template with so-called headings for the configuration. Each heading may contain specific content, such as a header, product-specific data or photos.

PowerPoint plug-in

crossbase.office allows images and text to be inserted in PowerPoint with formatting suitable for Office applications. With the PowerPoint plug-in it is also possible to update content or change language automatically. The presentation content is compared with the database and if necessary replaced, all at the touch of a button. Content not sourced from the database remains unchanged.

InDesign connector

With a tool developed for the Apple operating system, images can be searched for, selected, inserted into InDesign and, where necessary, updated with newer file versions.

Software documentation


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