Market-specific product communication – fully integrated, automated and still local

If your customers are to feel well-advised, information has to be tailored to their needs. The content of today’s printed and online catalogs, price lists, shops, mobile applications and websites are thus differentiated within a company in accordance with target group and market. However, conventional target group and market-specific product communication is time-consuming and requires large amounts of time and financial resources.

crossbase provides a fully integrated, automated solution that also enables all of the necessary local adaptations for international subsidiaries, for example, to be implemented.


The PIM and cross-media solution is centered around the crossbase database as the central data source – the logical starting point for efficient cross-media and market-specific product communication. The crossbase database is the comprehensive memory of the PIM and cross-media solution. It "knows" everything about your products – in all languages, countries, target groups and media. This facilitates cross-media and market-specific communication.

One for all. crossbase is synonymous with maximum flexibility in product communication. One completely integrated database for all media and sales channels.


The aim is to ensure all target groups and trading partners have the fastest possible access to the latest product and company information relevant to them. The information is provided both for different markets and languages and for the widest range of media, such as catalogs, shops, websites, dealer portals, etc, whereby data must be provided in a way that saves as much time and costs as possible.

For this purpose, crossbase provides a fully integrated database for all media and sales channels, ensuring that many processes run automatically. Information now only has to be provided and managed once – for all countries - and can also be adjusted locally for specific target groups and markets. As only one copy of the data is available, it is ensured that all media and sales channels are updated in the event of changes, while access rights determine which members of staff, agencies, trading partners, etc. have access to which data (product or image data).


It must be possible for the relationships between company and product information, media and markets to be centrally mapped.

Market-specific communication

Different target groups and international markets demand adapted sales documents and product information, whereby communication in all markets must be as prompt as possible. crossbase provides a fully integrated, automated solution that also enables all of the necessary local adaptations, e.g. for subsidiaries, to be implemented while saving time and costs.

Country-specific management

Catalog ranges can be managed for specific markets by medium, country, and market, e.g. for a French print catalog, the international online catalog or the electronic catalog for one customer. Despite market-specific management and the widest range of media, only one copy of the data is available. This results in significant time savings during content maintenance and the automatic update of all media with the respective latest content, whereby local adaptations always remain possible.

The language and country prioritization feature allows existing translations to be used. You don't have to store all English translations for each English-speaking country. If you have a variant for the USA or Canada, you can "inherit" the translation from the UK if the texts are the same. This minimizes translation costs and allows for country-specific linguistic variations.

As far as further country-specific localization is concerned, crossbase pays great attention to detail:

  • Country-specific images and texts can be inserted.
  • Country- and market-specific item numbers can be managed.
  • Each language-country combination can be assigned a specific dictionary for hyphenation in InDesign.
  • Number formatting is controlled in a country-specific manner, including numbers in texts.
  • Numbers can be automatically converted using formula, e.g. from metric to imperial units.
  • The way in which new products are displayed can be controlled in a market-specific manner too.

Specific needs of target groups

Address your target group directly: Planners, designers, processors, trading companies or end users – all prospective buyers want to be informed in a way tailored to their needs. While an end user, for example, is usually interested in the benefits of a product and, when it comes to buying, focuses on emotional criteria such as the design and brand, a dealer requires logistical and commercial information to be able to sell products.

Why use crossbase to produce audience-specific sales documents?

  • Each product information type or information item can be linked to one or more target groups.
  • The groups with which product information is tagged can be evaluated automatically, to make sure the right information is delivered to each target group.
  • With crossbase, it is possible to address customers and prospective buyers with customized sales documents, e.g. via print or the Internet, while saving time and financial resources and guaranteeing that all of the media is always up-to-date as it is all interconnected on a single database.


crossbase uses intelligent software modules to build your tailored media factory. Of any size. Ready for immediate use. And at a price to match your application.
The solution impresses with the cost and time savings achieved in comparison with previous procedures, which we will be happy to demonstrate with examples gained over the last twenty years of experience.

What is covered by the project price

  • License costs
  • Project costs for services such as consulting, configuration, training, installation and adaptations, More...

The cost of the crossbase license depends on the number of application modules and the number of users. This means that even smaller businesses can benefit from the crossbase solution, expanding it one step at a time. Our sales advisers will be happy to produce a quotation based on your requirements.

What factors affect the cost of the license?

  • Number of application modules: For a complete list of the available modules, refer to the overview in the application modules and optionsarea.
  • Number of users: Here, a distinction is made between power, data maintenance and office users:
     Power users have access to all crossbase applications, for example, for administration, data import, data maintenance, translation management, print production, creation of electronic catalogs, content management, etc.
     Data maintenance users have access to the crossbase applications for data maintenance and translation.
     Office users have access to company and product information, for example, for the use of this information in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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