The catalog as an interactive problem-solver
– integrated online catalog

crossbase can be used to automatically supply current data sets for the online catalog on a daily basis. The user interface and functionality of the online catalog can be individually adapted using the integrated CMS. All data supplied for online media is sourced automatically from the PIM system and kept continually up-to-date for all countries and languages.

As an alternative to the crossbase online catalog, third-party systems can also be supplied with data, for example, in the form of an XML interface,for example, with an individual myXML format or a standard XML format such as BMEcat, or via REST services based on the API server.

You can find references on using the online catalog with shop functions here: Examples of best practice: online

Main module

Module description

The module for integrating online catalogs is based on crossbase’s CMS platform. This allows templates or style sheets to be modified separately. All data supplied for online media is sourced media-specifically from the crossbase database and automatically kept up-to-date for all countries and languages on an ongoing basis.


Catalogs can be generated for different countries and languages with a multilingual interface. Country-specific features, which affect such aspects as the catalog range, notation of numbers or image material, are also taken into account.

Search and product selection

The user can navigate via a tree or visually using graphic or text links. Both full-text and keyword searches are possible. Products are selected with an item table or product comparison function.

Comprehensive display of product information

Product information can be made available for specific target groups. This applies to displaying product features, photos, invitations to tender, product links, downloads, details pages with links to accessories, recommended products and spare parts, the production of PDF data sheets and so on.

Automated export

The data required to operate the online catalog, i.e. the database and files, can be synchronized automatically between the source and target system. The target system can, for example, be provided by an Internet service provider. A network connection is required between the source and target system. FTP, SCP or Webdav can, for example, be selected as the transmission protocol. Various tasks can also be performed automatically under defined conditions, e.g. starting and stopping Windows services, executing Linux commands, importing database dumps, synchronizing file directories and triggering e-mail messages.

Optional modules

Dynamic search bars

The search bar can be configured for specific product groups. This allows the user to locate items quickly using a multi-stage search filter. The dynamics of feature filtering ensure that at least one item is always found for every search.

Shop functions

The online catalog offers various methods of ordering an item. The central functions include Account / Login (registration with double opt-in), shopping cart management, compare function, price calculation, an ordering function and the management of previous orders.

CAD viewer

A partner module - cadclick - can be integrated to display CAD drawings in a 3D view and to download them in the desired formats.

PDF data sheet engine

The crossbase solution offers a comprehensive range of methods for automatically generating print publications, such as catalogs, brochures and data sheets. These can be generated with Adobe InDesign or Word and assigned to the items as a PDF to subsequently be downloaded from the website. The user can also generate the data sheet with up-to-date data directly on the website using the PDF data sheet engine.

Software documentation


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