Media service

Make images, videos and documents available on the Internet or Intranet with just a click

The media service allows business partners and international subsidiary staff members targeted access to approved images and documents at any time of day and from anywhere in the world without them having to trouble internal staff in the marketing department.

The media service module is integrated in the crossbase CMS. The interface can therefore be designed in a flexible manner and use made of the data and processes in the PIM.

You can find references on using the media service here: Examples of best practice: online

Main module

Module description

To market products, trading partners, agencies and staff often need images and other media files such as videos, presentations or even documents for use in for example Word, PowerPoint or Adobe InDesign. The image database (MAM) contains images, PDF documents and other multimedia files which are managed in media-specific form, and can be made available to authorized users on the Internet or an Intranet.

Comprehensive search functions

Media files can be searched for in the web browser using a full-text search, keywords or an individual media directory structure. The photos, graphics, drawings, logos, brochures, certificates etc. found are displayed in a tile view or space-saving list view. Navigation and content can also be marked for specific countries so that each country has a different view of the media files.


Media files can be placed in a shopping cart in all available formats and then downloaded or ordered.

Optional modules

Dynamic filters

Dynamische Filter ermöglichen dem Anwender anhand von bestimmten Kriterien eine dynamische und übersichtliche Suche. Die Kriterien können kundenindividuell anhand von Metadaten, Schlagwortkategorien oder Gliederungen festgelegt werden.

Account management login / upload for web users

In MAM, users can be assigned with certain authorization rights to access images, documents and videos which are evaluated in the media service after login. An upload function is also available, so that agencies can transfer images into a hot folder, for example.

Software documentation


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