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Fully integrated CMS for websites and as a platform for all online media

The crossbase CMS can be fully integrated into the PIM solution so that all data, such as product information, advertising text, photographs and videos, for example, can be accessed directly, thus creating maximum synergies.

Furthermore, the CMS can be used flexibly as the base platform for all online modules, so that the websites, online catalogs with shop functions and the media service can be integrated with the crossbase CMS and be presented to a high quality.

Marketing specialists can use the CMS to maintain the company's website directly in the web browser and without any knowledge of HTML.

The CMS platform can be used to manage websites, online catalogs with shop functions and the media service.

You can find references on using the CMS here: Examples of best practice: online

Main module

Module description

The CMS can be applied flexibly as the basic platform for all online modules. The website, online catalog and media service can all be integrated in the crossbase CMS and presented graphically to a high quality standard. Marketing specialists can use the CMS to easily maintain the company's website without any knowledge of HTML. This also includes configurable headings, such as the Company, Service, Trade fairs, News, Jobs, Press and Contact.


You can create templates and conveniently maintain the content using the CMS. Individual pages are edited with a WYSIWYG editor and linked to the navigation structure. The layout templates can be produced by your agency and configured in the CMS without any constraints on design.

Responsive layout

For output purposes, device-neutral templates are formatted with output-specific style sheets. This allows the most appropriate layout to be displayed on smartphones and tablets with different resolutions.

Clear, detailed structuring

The search engine-optimized architecture and barrier-free structures ensure reliable indexing. The content structure can be flexibly constructed using rights control, project management and multi-lingual

Simple maintenance in page editor

Text and image content can be easily maintained and formatted in the preview page editor. Frequently required text or text/image combinations can be stored as a code snippet and inserted with one click. Interactive elements such as sliders, tabs and accordions are easy to create with preconfigured templates and can be maintained in the page editor.

Dynamic content control

Dynamic content output is possible with a news, press and contact form module and media management for documents, images and videos. The CMS can also be enhanced with individual function outputs.

Optional modules

Multi-domain, multi-project capability and country variants

This option enables the CMS to be used for any number of domains, web projects and microsites. It is also possible to designate country-specific content to provide site users with the optimum content.

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