Clearly plan and control work processes

Media in the various channels is managed by the marketing and product management departments. There are many different processes to handle: product data maintenance, editing, graphics, media design, translation, media production and the correction process. To make the management of these processes transparent, especially when it comes to changes, workflow support is essential.

You can find references on using the workflow module here: Examples of best practice: data maintenance

Main module

Module description

When maintaining data and producing media, product managers, editors, translators, graphic designers and layout specialists work hand in hand. The integrated workflow module from crossbase helps by mapping the individual work process for everyone involved in a structured manner by means of a configurable task list.

Task list

Customer-specific defined events, such as “new item” or “changed product status”, trigger messages to the user and the tasks are compiled in a task list. The user can view these tasks and go directly to the corresponding maintenance dialog.

Traffic light switching

The traffic light switching system was designed with the requirements of the layout specialist in mind. Events are continually logged from data maintenance and their impact on existing catalog pages displayed using the colours of a traffic light system. The layout specialist can therefore see at a glance which pages need checking and updating.

Explanation of traffic light symbols

Optional modules

Completeness check / progress display

With the so-called “completeness profiles”, it is possible to configure mandatory fields and TARGET fields, to assign any objects - e.g. products or product groups - to these profiles and to evaluate the progress of the data maintenance process accordingly. The field content can be attributes, image categories, text types and relationship types. Furthermore, the output (print, online, BMEcat, etc.) to which the field relates and who is responsible for its maintenance can be determined per field content. Reports can thus also be generated in the context of a task and the persons responsible for the data maintenance can be specifically addressed in the workflow.

Product preview

To make product data immediately available in the layout, a preview can be generated for a product. This preview is either integrated directly in the interface and specified via a simple layout, or produced via the server as a PDF document via Adobe InDesign.


Korrektur- und Freigabeprozesse kosten Zeit und Geld. crossbase bietet eine integrierte Lösung auf Basis einer am Markt etablierten Lösung, die eine dokument- und dateibasierte Online-Zusammenarbeit erlaubt. Über eine zentrale Steuerung besteht die Möglichkeit, Dateien aus crossbase, bspw. produzierte Katalogseiten oder Datenblätter, per Mausklick online an bestimmte Nutzer zur Prüfung zu senden. Nutzer sind Korrektoren und Produktmanager, insbesondere auch in den Landesgesellschaften, welche inhaltlich, rechtlich und gestalterisch prüfen. Über einen Webbrowser können die Dokumente mit Anmerkungen versehen, freigegeben oder zurückgewiesen werden. In der Zentrale oder alternativ in der Landesgesellschaft können Änderungen an Dokumenten nachvollzogen und in die crossbase-Datenbank überführt werden.

Software documentation


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