Media asset management

Media-neutral image management and optimum quality illustrations for every medium

Any number of media files, including product-independent files, can be managed with crossbase. The flexible structure is produced with the help of organization, categorization, keywords, captions and other meta data and can be added to and adapted at any time. As an option, an interface (may be two-way) can be configured to external systems, so that existing images and CAD drawings can be synchronized.

You can find references on using the image database here: Examples of best practice: data maintenance

Main module

Module description

The integrated Media Asset Management (MAM) stores and categorizes photos, graphics and symbols as well as documents, videos and CAD drawings – all in media-neutral format. The crossbase graphics and video converter, or alternatively Adobe Photoshop, automatically turns material from its original format into media-friendly output formats for print, Internet or Office use. All standard video formats, such as MP4, WMV and MOV, can be generated and video sequences edited with the video converter.

Media Asset Management (MAM)

Similar media files are combined in a media- and language-neutral media elements which are identified for specific markets (countries, branches of industry, target groups). The media files within the media element have certain output formats, e.g. TIF or JPG, languages and versions.


Media elements are always provided with an image category upon import, e.g. product photo, installation diagram, reference object photo, company photo. etc. The categories, known as naming conventions, can be selected individually. Media elements can also be identified for specific markets so that publications can be produced for specific countries, industry branches or target groups. The elements can be evaluated appropriately using filters, so that, for example, international subsidiaries can access the media elements relevant to them, which only need to be maintained once and are always available to everyone involved in the latest version.

Import and graphics converter

During the import process, other output formats are automatically created on the basis of a source format using format templates. For example, TIF, PNG or JPG formats can be generated from PSD, AI or EPS files. The standard graphics converter available from crossbase or Adobe Photoshop can be used.

Optional modules

Parameterized Illustrator graphics

Parameterized graphics can be automatically merged with texts and drawing dimensions using the Illustrator module for language-specific production of media files. The texts, e.g. from the document module structure, are linked with the graphic and automatically placed at the corresponding language levels in the required languages.

Two-way MAM interface

Existing image databases, PDM, MAM and DAM systems can be linked via the MAM standard interface (XML) from crossbase in both directions. During import into crossbase, the graphics converter can, amongst other things, be used to generate derivatives. During export, a time-control check is performed to determine which files are new in the system and need to be transferred.

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