Market-specific catalogs – meeting the needs of countries, branches of industry and target groups

Every catalog – be it a printed or electronic sales catalog – contains a particular range of items, which makes up the catalog range. The catalog range is the basis for every medium and every distribution channel and differs depending on the market. The catalog structure can therefore be maintained globally and adapted locally.

It's not just catalog ranges that may differ between markets; this applies even more to price data. In many cases, there are more price variants than catalog range variants; not only in terms of currency differences but price calculations too.

You can find references on using catalog management here: Examples of best practice: data maintenance

Main module

Module description

Printed, online and electronic catalogs are always having to meet higher standards in terms of market-specific communication. Every catalog contains a certain number of items representing the sales range, e.g. for a specific country. Catalog management provides the option of managing catalog ranges and price lists for different markets and applying them as appropriate during automated media production.

Market-specific catalog ranges

Catalog ranges can for example be managed for specific markets by medium, country and customer, e.g. for a French print catalog, the international online catalog or the electronic catalog for one customer. The process of creating catalog ranges supports mass processing through the use of item search and comparison functions. Alternatively, catalog ranges can be imported from the ERP system.

Market-specific price lists

Price lists are imported from the ERP system. These may feature different currencies, validities and markets. A market may be one country or even one individual customer. Price lists may contain any type of price data, from gross and net prices to discount groups and staggered, quantity-based prices.

The prices in a selected price list can also be assigned to a catalog at the time of a price update and saved permanently as the catalog price list (price history).

Optional modules

Virtual catalog range views

Structures can be filtered by selected catalog range to enable country-specific maintenance in virtual catalog range views.

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