Importing data from Excel

Easily import Excel files from internal sources or from suppliers

Almost all companies have product data available in Excel. Firstly, because suppliers of trade goods provide corresponding Excel files, and secondly because internal product data is prepared in Excel.

Importing Excel files is simple and can be performed in one of two ways:

a) The Excel files are prepared for the standard crossbase import format. Columns and column headers must be added for this purpose. This method is particularly useful if the Excel format can be influenced from the start.

b) Field mapping is created with the help of a graphical interface which can be reused for similar Excel files.

You can find references on using the data import module here: Examples of best practice: Data import

Main module

Module description

crossbase has a graphical user interface for analyzing the structure of Excel files and for mapping the columns onto the database fields (import mapping). Transformation rules can also be used for transforming the data automatically. These settings can be saved as import profiles, so that they can be reused for similar Excel files.

Field mapping

The columns of a selected Excel file will be displayed and can be assigned to certain information types in the crossbase database. The import profile can be saved and reused.

Transformation rules

The contents of a column can be prepared in accordance with specific rules, e.g. text blocks can be replaced, removed or added or figures can be converted via formulas.

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