Web application server

Cross-location data maintenance via web front end

The web application server provides the possibility of decentralized, browser-based data maintenance and translation. Members of staff and translators who are not registered in the central network can thus also access the database directly.

This application is also useful for users in the company network, because the corresponding crossbase.web application features a very convenient, productive and fast user interface.

You will find references on using the web application server here: Examples of best practice: web application server

Main module

Module description

Based on the web architecture with API server, users can - depending on their authorization level - manage and translate product information in the crossbase web front end. The features, images, texts and relationships of products selected via a search or task list can be displayed for comparative purposes in tables and managed on the interface. At a glance, users are able to see where data is missing, where it differs or where it has been inherited. There is a comprehensive range of options for sorting, grouping and filtering. The user interface can be configured individually by the user.

Access control

Users can access, maintain and translate data based on their authorization level.

Maintenance of the product information

A functionally-rich, productive user interface is provided of the kind previously only available for desktop applications. Products can be selected directly or via the task list. Product features, product relationships, images and texts can be displayed in tables for comparative maintenance. Here, a helpful visual aid is provided: the system shows you whether values are identical across the selected products (green), whether they differ (yellow), or whether they are missing (red). Columns can be displayed, hidden or rearranged to optimize the way in which the required information is displayed. Entries can be filtered and grouped, just like in Excel. As product information is displayed on the basis of the predefined customer-specific data model with mandatory and optional fields, the user is led through the data maintenance process, thus enabling high data quality.

Maintenance of the catalog ranges

The catalog ranges can be comparatively maintained from the perspective of a catalog range or an item. The authorizations for accessing the catalog ranges are taken into consideration here.


The translation or correction can be performed either on an order basis or for any text. Translators and correctors can access jobs in accordance with their authorization level. Jobs are controlled by the translation manager, who can also check and therefore control the progress at any time. The WYSIWYG Editor is directly integrated in to the "inline" overview table, enabling texts to be translated quickly and easily.


Thomas Kern
Managing Partner, Project Manager
+49 (0)7031 / 714 – 720


Herby Tessadri
Head of Sales, Authorized Signatory
+43 (0)5574 / 64880 – 39

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