Basic database module

One fully integrated database for all media and sales channels

The crossbase software solution is based on a fully integrated database that covers all of the data structures for the PIM, MAM and CMS applications with exports to online and print media and the provision of data. All of the sales channels and markets can thus be controlled from a single data source and can hence be controlled without an interface to third-party systems which greatly simplifies the work processes.

Nowadays, every company has large amounts of data that is created through the maintenance of the PIM, MAM and CMS systems and which is multiplied in the various sales channels and catalogs. crossbase utilizes the Oracle database to efficiently manage this data quantity.

crossbase is an Oracle royalty partner and provides Oracle as an embedded software license (ESL, see Section 17 of the Terms and Conditions), resulting in three significant advantages for your company:
a) Installation can be performed in accordance with the wishes of the IT department, without the IT department having to organize licenses from Oracle.
b) The IT department can control administrative activities easily via crossbase interfaces - without specialist Oracle knowledge.
c) The IT department does not have to maintain the database system, because the database system can be maintained by crossbase.

You will find references on using the basic database module here:
Examples of best practice: basic database module

Main module

Module description

The crossbase software solution is based on an Oracle database and includes an embedded software license. This enables optimum system integration, easy administration and broad usage, without those responsible for IT having to deal with organizational or technical details.


The database can be operated both directly on a physical machine and virtually – the number of CPUs is unlimited. The software can be installed on any number of machines, for example on productive servers, test servers or web servers, etc., and can be used by any number of users, such as internal users and external web users, etc. The Oracle database is installed by crossbase and may only be used to operate the crossbase software. Further information on the ESL is provided in Section 17 of the crossbase Terms and Conditions.


crossbase uses the Unicode Standard to back up data, meaning that texts can be mapped in any language.


crossbase can take over the maintenance of the database system. This includes regular updates (so-called patch set updates) and system inspections (hard drive space utilization, utilization of the table spaces, checking the Oracle and system log files, testing the network connection, general tests, e.g. system processes and storage utilization and checking the data backup).


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Managing Partner, Project Manager
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Head of Sales, Authorized Signatory
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