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crossbase.web provides web-based access to translations and corrections in the subsidiaries so that texts can be translated or revised on an order basis. A connection to translation memory systems and the Adobe InDesign server is provided.

Key functions

Management of translation and correction orders

In the translation department, actual translation orders are differentiated from correction orders. Texts from publications generated with crossbase can also be processed with contextual layout. Translators and correctors can access jobs in accordance with their authorization level. Jobs are controlled by the translation manager, who can also check and therefore control the progress at any time.


All translation and correction orders intended for the translator or corrector are listed in the overview in tabular form with a visual progress display. The basic selection criteria include: Source and target language, the planned delivery date, comments and, in the case of print publications, also the breakdown into chapter and page flows.

Drop-down filters with single and multiple selection, full text filters and operating functions for sorting and grouping are available for targeted selection.

Translation and correction

All texts for the order are displayed in an overview table with a visual editing status. This status indicates whether translations are missing or not up-to-date. The WYSIWYG Editor is directly integrated in to the "inline" overview table, enabling texts to be translated quickly and easily.

For the targeted selection of texts, the columns can be sorted, grouped, filtered by entries or a full-text search can be performed. Furthermore, texts from print publications are also displayed in the source-language preview.

Free-form translation

With the free-form translation function, authorized users can also translate text directly without orders. Here, the user can navigate to a product in any structure, for example the product or attribute structure, and have the product text listed. The texts and the translation and correction options are displayed in same way as for order-based translations.

Advanced functions

Print preview

Texts in an existing print publication can be translated in the context of the print layout, whereby each text in the tabular selection is also visually marked in the source text preview. Once translated, a target-language preview can be generated. A print preview document is generated on the installed Adobe InDesign server for this purpose and made available as a PDF preview. The PDF preview can be used for the direct layout inspection of the text alignment and wrapping or dispatched for the content to be reviewed. This avoids time-consuming and expensive correction cycles.

Direct connection to TMS

If required, texts to be translated can be transferred directly from the web browser into SDL Trados Studio (via the COTI interface; the application with the Kaleidoscope “Connecting Content” plug-in must be installed locally on the user's machine). This plug-in enables the translator to select text blocks to be translated in the web front end and click on them with the mouse to open them directly in the locally installed version of SDL Trados Studio, without having to download files to the local machine and open them separately. After translating the texts, the translator also transfers them back to the web front end again by clicking on them with the mouse. This means there is absolutely no need for file management on the local computer.


Thomas Kern
Managing Partner, Project Manager
+49 (0)7031 / 714 – 720


Herby Tessadri
Head of Sales, Authorized Signatory
+43 (0)5574 / 64880 – 39

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