crossbase.trans: Only translate what is actually necessary

crossbase.trans is the module used to export texts for translation with translation memory systems. Texts which have already been translated are reused and the translation workload determined with precision.

In order to integrate translation agencies or national offices which don't have direct access to the system, translation files in XML or XLIFF format can be processed with leading translation systems (Across, SDL Trados). These so-called translation memory systems (TMS) provide professional translators with an ideal environment because they allow time and money to be minimized.

Key functions

Untranslated text

crossbase.trans identifies the actual translation requirement, i.e. only new texts (or new text versions) and changed texts are actually exported for translation. By referencing text elements, crossbase enables a high rate of text reuse, which means considerable cost-saving potential.

Establishing the actual translation requirement means that translation is only requested for the parts of a publication (catalog, brochure, online catalog or website) that actually require it, and not for the entire data inventory.

Excel interface

Translation is often undertaken by international subsidiaries or branches because in-house staff are highly familiar with the relevant technical terminology. Because translation work is carried out by employees in sales, marketing or product management, Excel is a suitable tool.

Advanced functions

XML interface

The crossbase module links to the TMS with an XML interface. To help the translator, PDF files can also be supplied if available, as well as a file that allows the TMS editor to show the document in a layout as close as possible to the actual layout. The finished translation is returned in XML format and reimported into crossbase in the correct version.

Text exported for translation is logged. If a user attempts to access a translation that is currently in progress, the program will notify them of this. For instance, a layout specialist might be informed that there are translations missing for some pages of the catalog, they were sent to the translation agency two days ago and are scheduled to be delivered five days from now.

Exporting text to be translated in XML for translation memory systems. The text status indicates how much translation is needed. The database "notices" when which texts were exported in order to control the translation workflow.


This function exports existing translations to translation memory systems for alignment. This function can be used to create or update translation memories from existing translations.

Term interface

The term interface allows terms created in crossbase to be imported into a translation memory system.


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