crossbase.plan: Organizational support and transparent, up-to-date status information in the production workflow

crossbase.plan is the project management tool for controlling production processes with task plans and timetables. The staff involved can feed back the task status for a transparent process.

crossbase.plan is an application for production managers which provides organizational support for production processes. With tasks, assignments to employees, times and dependencies. The employees concerned can view and edit the tasks on a dashboard.

Key functions

Integrated project planning and management

All tasks are defined and assigned with their dependencies. Concrete timetables can then be calculated, either from a start date or up to a preferred completion date. Postponements and changes of responsibility can be added during the course of a project.

Timetable shown as a Gantt chart

Transparent, up-to-date status information

Project team members can see their tasks in the various modules (crossbase.pim, crossbase.print, crossbase.pro), where they can mark off tasks as they are completed. This means that the project plan is continuously updated. Employees can see when a task can start based on dependencies on preceding tasks. If there is a possibility of delays, project managers can see this early on.

Keeping track in complex situations

crossbase.plan is ideal where there are several people involved in production, lots of parallel processes or highly dependent processes. Project management is supported by automatically updated project plans (Gantt charts), team functions and warning mechanisms.


Thomas Kern
Managing Partner, Project Manager
+49 (0)7031 / 714 – 720


Herby Tessadri
Head of Sales, Authorized Signatory
+43 (0)5574 / 64880 – 39

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