crossbase.office: Prepare product information from the PIM system quickly and easily in Word, Excel and PowerPoint

crossbase.office is the module for salespersons, marketing experts and product managers. By efficiently providing images, texts and tables from the database, it facilitates professional design of Office documents.

crossbase offers a multi-lingual, intuitive application for company-wide access to content stored in the PIM system. Especially in sales, marketing or customer support, employees can quickly and easily search for product information and insert it in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or InDesign at the touch of a button. The module can also be integrated in the item dialog of the ERP system.

Key functions

Search, select, insert

The search options in the product or image database (MAM) include one or more navigation trees and searching by full text, category or keyword. The extended full-text search includes the content of product texts and captions. The product information for selected products from the hit list is clearly displayed split into media files, texts, attributes, relationships and views.

Images and texts are inserted in Word or PowerPoint on a language-specific basis and formatting is of the quality you would expect with Office. Product features, accessories and spare parts are output in table form. An image search displays the images found. These can be downloaded or emailed as a ZIP archive.

Office module with direct image search on left-hand side (structure search in the MAM media service and/or search for full text or by keywords and categories) and image preview.

Office module with product search and display of product features; inherited product information is shown in tables

Advanced functions

Create data sheets at the touch of a button

To create a data sheet the user selects a product and the required headings, e.g. Product description. At the click of the mouse, the data sheet is created in Microsoft DOCX format. The formatting is applied automatically from a Word template via paragraph and character formats. The use of page and table layouts also makes complex layout variants possible. It is possible to define in the layout template where to insert product images, tables and descriptions.

The automatic production process ensures a standardized layout that is also visually attractive. The product data is also kept constantly up-to-date in all languages. There has been a noticeable reduction in the time required to produce the documents, as the data no longer has to be painstakingly put together manually. What's more, the content can be processed afterwards by sales to adapt it to a specific customer.

A data sheet can be automatically produced on the basis of a Word template. The data sheet elements can be selected individually.

Multi-page product data sheet for product requested by customer with all required information

Updating PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint receives a dedicated database link from crossbase.office. Content added to a PowerPoint document via crossbase.office can thus be updated at the click of a button. In addition, texts and images in the selected language will be evaluated and replaced with updated versions where necessary.

Furthermore, presentations are easy to generate in other languages: for this, English texts included in a PowerPoint document will simply be replaced by the respective translations from the database. Country-specific presentations, for example, can thus be prepared from a central database and made available to international subsidiaries.

PowerPoint translation add in


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