crossbase.mac: Provision of images for InDesign on Apple systems

crossbase.mac is the module for layout specialists and simplifies the creation of InDesign documents on Apple systems through the fast provision and update of images from the database.

crossbase.mac visualizes the status of linked images in InDesign documents. If a link is no longer current, the layout specialist can automatically synchronize the images with the image database.

crossbase.mac also provides a full-text search for images. Keywords, features and the context in which the image is used are taken into consideration during this process. The images that are found are clearly presented in various display variants. From there, the image material can be directly inserted into Adobe InDesign.

Key functions

Native application for Apple OS X

The crossbase.mac application has been specially developed by crossbase for the Apple OS X operating system.

Search and selection of images in the MAM

Layout specialists and graphic designers can search for image files in the MAM via a full-text search. The full-text search takes the entire context into consideration, for example, keywords and products, to which images are assigned. The result is displayed in a tile or list view depending on the selection, and can be filtered further, for example, to filter specifically for files with a high resolution.

The result of the full-text search by image files in MAM is displayed here via list view.

Inserting image files in InDesign documents

Via a context menu, selected images can be directly inserted into the InDesign document.

Inserting images in InDesign documents via context menu

Updating image files in InDesign documents

When updating image files, all image links in the open InDesign document are listed visually and displayed with the following information:

  • The image file is linked externally
  • The image file is included in MAM
  • The image file is not current; a later file version is available in MAM
  • The image file is current; although the file has already been archived in MAM
  • The image file exists in MAM; although the link path is not identical

The image files can be synchronized via the “Update” function and, for example, replaced with a later version or with the correct path. Just like in InDesign, there is also the option of going directly to the image file in the document.

Visual listing for updating image files


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