crossbase.net: Use the CMS to maintain the website and dynamically generate the online catalog and media service

crossbase.net is the content management system for website maintenance. Furthermore, using templates and function outputs, the online catalog can be seamlessly integrated with shop functions and the media service.

The CMS is seamlessly integrated in the software. As well as CMS functionality, all the information in the database is available and there is unrestricted functionality of the standard modules, such as the translation workflow.

The CMS was specifically tailored to the requirements of industrial crossbase customers. The development is based on the same technical architecture as all other crossbase online modules whereby consistent further development and smooth integration is ensured. This guarantees an optimum balance between relevant scope of function and ease of use.

The CMS can be used as follows:

  • Integrated: The CMS is seamlessly integrated in the PIM solution and functions as a platform for online media, e.g. websites, online catalogs and media services.
  • Independent: The CMS is used independently of the PIM system to maintain the website, e.g. information about the company. It can however be integrated into the PIM system at any later point.

Key functions

CMS functions

Marketing specialists can use the CMS to maintain the company's website directly in the web browser and without any knowledge of HTML. The layout templates are created either in-house or by an agency without any limitations on their design.

  • Strict separation of structure, content and layout. 100% valid XHTML is output, which is formatted using cascading style sheets.
  • Search engine-optimised architecture and barrier-free structures for reliable indexing.
  • Detailed content structuring using rights control, project and microsite management, multi-lingual features and country-specific content.
  • Easy maintenance using templates with content-specific place holders and WYSIWYG page editor.
  • Dynamic content control using modules for news, press, jobs and contact form and media management for documents, images and videos.
  • Convenience functions for visitors such as full-text search, PDF print function and image and video galleries.
  • Responsive layouts: The way in which content is displayed on smartphones and tablets can be controlled based on device-neutral templates.

Online catalog with shop functions

The operation and design of online catalogs with a shop function can be tailored to customer requirements using standard software modules. These modules are based on the crossbase CMS platform, which means the customer can implement the changes autonomously with the aid of templates. All data supplied to online media is sourced automatically from the PIM and kept continually up-to-date for all countries and languages.

  • Catalogs can be generated for different countries and languages with a multilingual interface. Country-specific features, which affect such aspects as the catalog range, notation of numbers or image material, are also taken into account.
  • A full-text search, a keyword search and a features-based search are available. The product can be selected in three ways: from a table by searching for relevant features, with a configurator or using a search bar.
  • Product information can be made available for specific target groups. This applies to displaying product features, photos, invitations to tender, product links, downloads and the production of PDF data sheets and so on.
  • For optimum visibility in search engines, the source code is produced from valid XHTML and clean URLs are used.
  • The shop function with ERP interface includes a shopping cart, price calculation and order form. Individual order lists can be managed in the order list manager for each account. The double-opt-in process is used for registration.

Media service

The online image database/media service from crossbase allows images and other media files such as videos, presentations and documents to be made available to in-house staff and external partners such as agencies or trading partners online.


Media files can be searched for in the web browser using a full-text search, keywords or an individual media directory structure. The photos, graphics, drawings, logos, brochures, certificates etc. found are displayed in a space-saving tile or list view. Videos can be played back with the YouTube interface. Selections for the shopping cart can be made in various levels of quality, e.g. in print, Office or online quality; the content can be downloaded or ordered. The user interface is multi-lingual and can be customized with the CMS.

Advanced functions

Self-contained websites

The CMS can be used independently of the PIM system to maintain company information. It can be integrated into the PIM system at any later point.

Processing of page content in the WYSIWYG page editor with toolbars displaying the code snippets available.

Page preview in the browser view of the page edited in the WYSIWYG page editor. All changes to the page can be viewed in the browser view right away.

Provision of data for external systems

As an alternative to using the crossbase CMS, the data can be made available for third-party systems: As standard via the API server with REST services or as an XML web interface. This process is generally suited to all content management systems and portals because the interfaces can be designed individually. Individual data tables (views) or individual interfaces to external databases (MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2) can also be produced.


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