crossbase.term: Standardized terminology in the source language

crossbase.term is the module for integrated terminology management. It helps you to define and manage all specialist names and terms in the context of use.

The crossbase term management module helps you to define and manage all specialist names and terms. Definitions can be provided for the lexical structure of terms, the assignment of synonyms and blacklisted terms. A TMS interface synchronizes the terms with the TMS.

Terminology work commences before the actual translation process to keep translation and proofreading costs as low as possible. Translation Memory Systems (TMS) are most effective if the terms in the source language are used with consistency and stored in the TMS. It is therefore a good idea to extract the terms from the source texts, capture them centrally in the PIM system, standardize them and translate them in the TMS.

Key functions

Support for editors and translators

  • Compare any text with the term definitions stored in the terminology database.
  • If prohibited terms ("negative" terms) are found when a text is checked, they are listed along with the appropriate terms ("positive" terms).
  • The user can filter terms alphabetically in a navigation tree or search using a full-text search.
  • Frequently used terms can be stored as bookmarks for quick access.
  • Suitable synonyms and images (such as diagrams or photos) can be displayed for each term.
  • The terminology structure is integrated in the crossbase database such that it can be accessed directly for maintenance work in the PIM system. Target language terms are then transferred to the translation memory system, for example SDL Trados MultiTerm or Across crossTerm, and the translations re-imported in the PIM.

Checking the use of a term with the help of the terminology database. The functions are available in desktop applications and as web services.

Terminology workflow

Terms arise in the editorial process (1), when the order is passed to the translation agency (2) or during the translation process (3). The earlier a term is identified and defined in the process, the fewer mistakes arise and the less correction is required. No matter when and where the terms arise, they are stored in the terminology database (4) which is integrated in crossbase and defined (e.g. description text, negative term, illustration for visualization).

The crossbase.term application supports the editorial process by checking terms on the basis of this terminology database. Once approved, the terms are passed on to translation (5.1) and once proofread, the translations are imported again (5.2). Only then are the terms transferred inversely to the TMS terminology function (6), e.g. Trados MultiTerm or Across crossTerm.

Visualization of the workflow

Advanced functions

Term check

Terminology can be used not only in crossbase but also all other Windows programs where text can be edited. Simply use the clipboard, then start the term check.


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