crossbase.pim: The workflow-oriented and item-specific access to data maintenance

crossbase.pim is the workflow-oriented product information maintenance module with item-specific access. It allows product managers and translators to clearly manage relevant product information as appropriate to the individual user and task.

Product managers who only occasionally work with the system can use crossbase.pim to perform defined maintenance work. This software module therefore focuses on being clear and intuitively easy to use. A half-day training course is all that is needed to master all functions.

The crossbase.pim application supports two processes. Firstly, user-specific tasks can be processed with a focus on workflow using the task list and completeness check. Secondly, images, documents, texts, translations, features, product relationships and catalog ranges can be maintained for specific items.

The web front end is also available, enabling translators, particularly in the subsidiaries, to translate text modules and continuous texts or even translate directly in the layout.

Key functions

Item-specific product data maintenance

Item-specific access to systematically deal with all tasks in product data maintenance.

  • Product search: The products can be searched for and selected using navigation trees shown or full-text searches.
  • Control bar: Users can use the graphic control bar with its history function to navigate to the next products up or down by simply clicking on them.
  • Product features: Attributes are grouped in an easy-to-understand way in the class tree. Here, mandatory fields are specially marked and rights can be assigned to fields.
  • Media and text elements: Images, documents, and texts can be linked or edited. A search can be performed based on different criteria.
  • Product relationships and product views: Links such as the relationship "is a spare part of" or "has spare part" or the view "has eCl@ss classification" can be displayed and maintained on both sides.
  • Catalog ranges: Products can be assigned to and removed from different catalog ranges.

Maintenance of product features with product comparison

Features with blue backgrounds are inherited. Users can switch to higher level product groups to maintain inherited product information. A feature can be assigned to an item using the tree structure or the reference item. The software shows which features are identical (green), which are missing (red) and which are different (yellow).

Representation of maintained product with a comparison product

Task list

Defined events trigger messages to users, e.g.: When a new item is transferred from the ERP, the marketing team member is sent a message. This person decides whether the item is relevant to advertising and issues a corresponding product status. The product manager and graphic designer are then asked to maintain the data. As soon as the "Item released" product status appears, the catalog manager has the opportunity to include it in the catalog range. Finally, depending on the country-specific catalog range, translators are notified.

Open tasks can be viewed according to individual user rights, and the maintenance dialog can be opened by clicking on the task.

Completeness check

The administrator defines mandatory fields which are required for product data maintenance. These apply firstly to defined content (image categories, text types, product features) and secondly to defined locations (item, item group etc.).

The completeness check evaluates these details and clearly depicts the result. The user is taken straight to the corresponding processing dialog with a double-click. Missing translations can also be quickly added.

Information about missing data is clearly displayed. The corresponding maintenance dialog is opened at the click of the mouse.

Advanced functions

Preview module

To make product data immediately visible in the layout, a print preview can be produced of a product or page in the form of a PDF document produced by the Adobe InDesign server.

Using the preview module, with just a click the product manager or editor can generate the preview of a page in a selected language, for example, following changes to product information, even if crossbase.print and Adobe InDesign are not installed on the local computer. Production takes place on the print server. If the modified content does not fit on the page, the overflowing text is highlighted. Once the job is complete, the print server produces a PDF file.

The preview client on the local computer contains the settings, e.g. for language, and a list of PDF documents.


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