crossbase.media: Fully automatic graphics production with Illustrator and video conversion

crossbase.media is the module to be used for the automatic combination of texts with Illustrator graphics and the generation of language-specific image files. Furthermore, CAD drawings can be converted, QR code and bar code formats can be produced and videos can be converted.

With the help of a direct connection to Adobe Illustrator, crossbase.media controls the production of language-specific graphics to fit specific spaces and of a wide variety of barcode formats (including QR codes).

Key functions

Parameterizable Illustrator graphics

Graphics, texts and dimensions can be automatically merged with the Illustrator module for language-specific production of media files for specific dimensions. Here texts, e.g. from the document module structure, are linked with the corresponding graphic or drawing and automatically placed at the corresponding language levels along with their translations.

Creation of individual language-specific AI graphics (graphics on left) based on language-neutral base graphics (graphics on right) with placeholders.

QR code / barcode production

The Illustrator module can also automatically produce QR codes and barcodes. Around 200 different barcode types (EAN-8, EAN-13, QR code) are available and the dimensions, resolution, bar height and file format can be configured. The level of error correction and coding (Mode 8 or Kanji) can also be defined for QR codes.

QR code and barcode produced with the crossbase.media module.

Advanced functions

Automatic import of Illustrator graphics

Illustrator graphics can be automatically imported and prepared as a template. An analysis is also performed to check whether the graphics include text. If this is the case, the text in the graphics is automatically replaced with placeholders and the text itself is imported into the database.

Change management

Traffic lights are used to automatically identify which graphics need to be produced afresh due to modified texts, drawing dimensions or translations. This function shows whether there have been any relevant changes for each language and graphic template.

Automatically transferring CAD drawings to EPS catalog illustrations

By linking in to Adobe Illustrator, you can convert CAD data in DXF format to EPS files for a printed catalog or pixel formats for an online version. It is also possible to specify conversion rules, e.g. to change line thicknesses.


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