crossbase.data: The short cut from the ERP system and other data sources into PIM

crossbase.data is the data module for bulk data imports from third-party systems and Excel files. The initial and continuous import of item master data and product information is performed via the XML/Excel standard import interface or via importing with field mapping.

There is already large amounts of product information available in the ERP system and also in part in the PDM and CAD system. Furthermore, product data also often exists in Excel format, e.g. from suppliers relating to goods for resale. crossbase is an open system and has an import interface so that data can be imported from upstream systems and Excel files. This prevents information from having to be entered afresh and updated continuously.

Key functions

Data import from ERP systems

crossbase has experience of connecting to a number of ERP systems, such as SAP (more than half of crossbase customers use SAP), Axapta, Navision, proALPHA, Infor LN or abas. Furthermore, data can easily be imported manually from Excel.

The ERP system mainly serves as a source of item numbers, item master fields, basic texts, product hierarchies, catalog ranges and prices, but also in some cases technical product features and product relationships (including parts lists and spare parts). The product status is also transferred, i.e. information as to whether the item is approved for sale or not, e.g. because it is still being developed, has been discontinued or is blocked.

Direct data interface between ERP system and crossbase database

Automated standard import interface

Any item master data can be imported into PIM automatically at predetermined times. The XML or Excel format is recommended for the exchange of data (transfer as a file or web service). The CSV format can, however, also be used. The data import interface can be flexibly adapted by the customer, for example, to add new fields.

Delta comparison

When importing data, only the data which has actually changed in the ERP system since the last import is updated. This is a prerequisite for the workflow module, which specifically informs users in the task list of any changes.

Advanced functions

Data import with field mapping

Excel files can also be imported manually, for instance for the initial data import from internal data sources or for product and price data from international subsidiaries or suppliers. Field mapping can be set up using a graphical user interface.


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