Project and power training in PIM and in the crossbase software modules

All users have different needs. We respond to this by providing customer-specific training documents. Knowledge can be further increased by referencing the extensive help material. The training staff prepare each training program for the specific customer to ensure that everything that is taught can be quickly put to use.

Each training program is based on a printed handout which is distributed to all participants. This allows them to work through the various steps in their own time afterwards. This has the following benefits:

  • The training documents are not simply a glossary of terms, but a practical resource that guides trainees through the material as well as providing advanced tips. Knowledge can be increased by referencing the extensive help material.

  • The crossbase instructors tailor each training program to the participants' current level of knowledge and their requirements, allowing them to put what they have learned into practice right away.

  • After successfully completing training, participants receive a reference card with the most important information on crossbase software.

Project training

Training as part of a project is carried out shortly before production begins and in close consultation with the customer.

The training is associated with the workshops and guarantees a smooth start to working with crossbase. Application modules are taught by the relevant project managers, from data import to data maintenance and export to print, Office and electronic catalogs.

Your advantages

  • Training based on individual customer data and processes
  • Training with didactically prepared training materials
  • Conducting training at the customer's location
  • Dates following the workshop and start of production

Power training

Power training is arranged with the customer and uses customized content. Power training by crossbase is usually carried out by the main contact person and a specialist in the topic.

It can be tailored to suit the customer's particular requirements.

Your advantages

  • Optimisation of working methods and introduction of new processes and functions for administrators and power users
  • Topics are determined beforehand in close consultation with the customer
  • Presentation of software innovations that can be used, depending on the customer
  • Carried out: In crossbase facilities with workshop character
  • Dates determined in consultation


Thomas Kern
Managing Partner, Project Manager
+49 (0)7031 / 714 – 720


Herby Tessadri
Head of Sales, Authorized Signatory
+43 (0)5574 / 64880 – 39

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