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With the crossbase software solution, your corporate and product communication processes can be fundamentally redesigned. This includes, for example, the way in which printed sales documents are created within your company or how content for websites, online media and eCommerce is prepared. We have, however, found that any move to change existing processes often encounters scepticism – even if the benefits are clear to see.

Sometimes people doubt whether the new concepts will actually live up to their promises. For even the best PIM, CMS or crossmedia project is only as good as its implementation. Therefore, crossbase attaches particular importance to a methodical yet practical implementation. crossbase offers a range of services to provide complete support throughout the product communication process.


crossbase projects always start with the in-depth consulting of everyone involved in the marketing, layout, graphics, IT, e-commerce and product management departments and a requirements analysis. This ensures that the work undertaken only covers what is actually needed. The project is carefully planned prior to starting so that efficient use is made of your resources. This is a proven approach and quickly guarantees visible results.

Consulting / support team

Implementation and installation

crossbase integrates seamlessly into your IT environment. Thanks to the modular structure of the software, you can first implement high-priority projects, such as integrating the ERP system and the automated multi-lingual production of print publications or implementing a fully integrated CMS for your website and as a platform for all online media, and then gradually implement further tasks. Tasks can also be taken on and performed by specialists that you already have available in-house.


Project approach

  • Analysis (around 2-4 weeks)
    Content: In the analysis phase, all project-relevant issues are assessed in a single process and documented as a set of guidelines for the entire project.
    Result: Guidelines
  • Design and configuration (around 3-5 months)
    Content: Design and configuration follow what is known as a 'spiral model'. After each workshop, the customer prepares the data and crossbase configures the data model so that the database grows in a logical, step-by-step process.
    Result: Concept, configuration and data import
  • Implementation (around 2-4 months)
    Content: Installation takes place by the time of the data import workshop so the customer can see the progress made. Training is limited to around five on-site training days because users are already familiar with the software from the design phase.
    Result: Productive system at customer's premises ready for use
  • Launch of production (around 2-4 months)
    Content: When production is launched, crossbase provides on-the-job training if necessary until users are able to work smoothly with the software.
    Result: System is in operation and media is being produced
  • Maintenance
    Content: During the maintenance phase the customer can take advantage of the crossbase helpdesk.
    Result: Ongoing support and software maintenance

Layout and data services

We aim to ensure that users can design and produce their own media. But we are happy to step in and help if you experience problems. crossbase provides services for assisting with producing designs and layout templates or preparing and producing data.

  • Design concepts are usually developed in partnership with an agency, including elements such as design grids, templates and layout templates. In this area we can offer support for both digital and printed media.
  • Data can be prepared from various data sources. Structured data inventories such as databases or Excel spreadsheets can be easily transferred to the crossbase database. Unstructured data sources such as Quark or InDesign documents can also be imported directly with the appropriate crossbase tools without having to use an intermediate medium.
  • Production based on the logged and maintained product information consists of various tasks in which crossbase is happy to support you: alongside the one-off creation of layout templates and other templates, the structure of the publications must be created, the tables and pages must be generated, and the book must be produced and processed for printing, for example.

Thomas Kern
Managing Partner, Project Manager
+49 (0)7031 / 714 – 720


Herby Tessadri
Head of Sales, Authorized Signatory
+43 (0)5574 / 64880 – 39

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