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Kempten, 03/11/2011: WNT is the international sales organization for precision tools for the metal cutting industry. The WNT brand stands for a complete product portfolio and a unique service specifically for metal cutting industry. WNT guides every user through every step of the process. Whatever the situation, it aims to supply the right tool on the right machine at the right time.

Complete catalog range with complex technology data

The WNT GmbH online and print catalogs list over 45 000 tools, with many different product attributes and complex, interlinked technology data. This data includes the cutting data needed to machine materials correctly and disconnection points to show how tools and holders can be joined to form combined tools.

Print catalog automated

The WNT catalog, comprising over 2000 pages, shows the complete catalog range for the metal cutting industry, including drills, reamers, milling cutters, turning tools, grooving tools, tool holders and more. Products are categorized by application and working environment to help customers find the item they are looking for more quickly.

The complex table layouts vary according to the product segment and contain images, text, product features, cutting data, cross-references and prices. Accessories and spare parts are also shown in the context of the product. All content is derived from the central crossbase database with SAP interface, and is output automatically.

Catalog sample


The applied application modules

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