It doesn't get easier than this - crossbase introduces new web front end for product data maintenance

Böblingen 19/09/2011: For a long time, crossbase only offered desktop applications for product data maintenance, as these provided an optimum solution to users' data maintenance requirements. But for occasional users of the system there is now a web front end that differs in several ways from the desktop applications. It requires no special training, as product information can be processed directly in the web browser in an adaptable online catalog layout.

Customizable web front end

The web front end allows all product information (images, text and product features) to be maintained and is linked to an online catalog layout, appropriate to the particular user and user rights. The online catalog and editor function can be flexibly adapted with the crossbase CMS. After logging in, a user with the appropriate rights can process, remove or add information in the online catalog.

Visual hotspot editor

When the mouse is moved over a defined hotspot, such as an image, text or product feature, it is highlighted and the available processing functions are displayed. Content can be added, modified or deleted. These settings can be configured in the template using the CMS. This direct hotspot navigation makes the system easy and intuitive to use and is based on the defined user rights.

Maintenance and visual check in a single step

Because the product information is rendered visually, it is easy to see where changes or additions are required. Data can now be checked and maintained in the web front end without having to switch to another program. This gives product managers who only maintain product information occasionally and want to make their own changes locally the optimum tool for product data maintenance.

The applied application modules

image image image

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