crossbase supports digital publishing for mobile end devices like the Apple iPad

Böblingen 03/03/2011: Mobile end devices such as the Apple iPad are becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers and are now being used more and more in business too. This is another area in which crossbase is delivering pioneering solutions. The publishing module crossbase.print allows you to automatically create digital sales documents that fully support the benefits of this new platform.

In conjunction with the Adobe Creative Suite CS5, it has been used to create web-enabled, interactive InDesign documents for the Apple iPad. These can be viewed on a tablet computer using Adobe Content Viewer and used in the sales process, for example.

Key features of the documents

  • 360° views for detailed representation of the product
  • Audio and video data can be added to create multimedia content
  • Panoramic views for clear representation of large content items
  • Web content can be accessed in digital documents without exiting the document
  • Vertical and horizontal fit-to-screen views for flexibility of display
  • Content configuration for automatic or interactive presentations

Since Adobe is continually striving to build on its leading position in digital publishing, crossbase could not have chosen a better crossmedia publishing platform. The viewer is also available for tablet PCs with an Android operating system, allowing it to be used across platforms.

Table of contents in a multimedia document in Adobe Content Viewer

Thumbnail view of document pages

Playback of an embedded video

The applied application modules

image image

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