Sasbach, 15/12/2014: STRIEBEL & JOHN, a leading manufacturer of energy distribution systems and a partner to the electrical trade, is an established brand within the ABB group. It employs around 350 people at its production sites in Sasbach (Germany) and Fellering (France). In over 50 years the company has built an international profile as a quality manufacturer.

For product data management and data provision for trading partners and portals, STRIEBEL & JOHN GmbH & Co. KG opted for the PIM, MAM and cross-media solution from crossbase.

SAP interface and data maintenance

The PIM, MAM and cross-media solution is used at STRIEBEL & JOHN to maintain product information from product entry to product removal. Through the interface to the leading SAP system, the individual products are enhanced with around 70 master data items and then updated with internal and ETIM-specific features from over 600 attributes. Drawings, product photos, 3D renderings and product texts are also linked and/or created for each product. For external representation the products from the internal SAP product structure are also represented in marketing-specific product views.

Classification with ETIM

ETIM ("Elektrotechnisches Informationsmodell", electrotechnical information model) is the standard product classification system used in the electrical industry. STRIEBEL & JOHN supplies item master data to its customers using the ETIM classification Version 5.0. The individual products can be flexibly classified in crossbase with the help of the integrated mapping. This applies not only to the individual ETIM item classes but also the attributes, for example the protection category of a product (e.g. IP 31 or IP 65).

All-round solution – generating a large number of different electronic catalogs from one database

The PIM system is used as a data hub for trading partners and various portals. The following media and formats are used for the electrical industry, the electrical wholesale business and trade customers:

  • BMEcat ETIM 5.0 with various image views
  • Eldanorm 5/90E
  • Eldanorm 1/96
  • DATANORM 4.0
  • Microsoft Excel

Go direct to the master data download area on the STRIEBEL & JOHN website

Flexible exports

Since the structures for XML formats can be configured flexibly, crossbase works with a wide range of formats. In addition, every format can be flexibly configured by the user in relation to the content (via XML mapping). For example, BMEcat requires a short description with a maximum of 80 characters and a long description, while Datanorm and Eldanorm use a short material text and a long description.

Automated content generation

Different media and sales channels demand different content. But in some cases they only vary slightly. The following crossbase functions help the user with automatic content preparation:

  • Conversion of numbers and texts using numerical and string formulas
  • Text generation from existing text modules using text templates
  • Conversion of image formats following format templates


  • The introduction of the PIM system at STRIEBEL & JOHN has consolidated and harmonized the data inventory. All product information is now managed in a central database.
  • All media and sales channels can be flexibly served from this one source.
  • Standardization and automation make uniform, up-to-date communication possible while reducing production outlay.

Download area for eBusiness catalogs at STRIEBEL & JOHN

The applied application modules

image image image image image image

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