crossbase translation workflow shows current translation status at the touch of a button

Böblingen 30/01/2012: The crossbase translation workflow for text and product features in the PIM system dramatically reduces translation costs while ensuring quality and consistency.

Previously, it was not possible at the data maintenance and media production stage to see whether there was still text remaining to be translated, what text was in the process of being translated and when it would be available. To check whether a translation was complete, the text had to be exported in the target language.

As a new feature, the database now indicates which text has been exported for translation, allowing the translation status to be checked with just one click. The export process includes a check as to which text has already been exported and assigned to the translation provider. This avoids duplicating translation work.
Every time a text is exported the user can also add additional information for the translation job (see pictures below).

When working with data maintenance and media production software, various information can be communicated by means of the translation status. For example, the translation status for each target language can be shown in the context of a catalog, chapter or individual page. The media designer can see if there are still any translation jobs to be created and when a particular translation is due to be delivered.

The system also includes a wide range of configuration options for importing translated texts. For instance, the user can specify whether a text should be imported in the target language if the source text has changed since the translation job was created.

Summary of job tickets

Detailed view of job ticket

The applied application modules


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