Schellenberg online shop is filled with data from crossbase – one data pool for print and online

Siegen, 2014-05-05: For 30 years, Alfred Schellenberg GmbH has been established as a reliable partner of innovative DIY catalog ranges for windows, doors and gates in the construction and DIY markets. Expertise and diversity in the production areas of shutter accessories and shutter drive technology allows Schellenberg to take a leading market position in Germany. As a customer-oriented family company with over 100 employees, Schellenberg is both a manufacturer and distributor of DIY products that are constantly being advanced. The consistent optimisation of the range of goods is supported by a deep and diverse range of products, service and POS communication. The catalog range includes shutters, shutter accessories, shutter drives, awning drives, gate drives and insect protection systems.

A data pool for all sales channels

After successfully automating the print publication "distributor product line" with the PIM and cross-media solution from crossbase, the automatic provision of data for the OXID online shop ( www.schellenberg-shop.de ) will follow, which was implemented by the OXID Enterprise Solution Partner NEXUS Netsoft.

Along with the Schellenberg customer telephone service and Schellenberg installation service, the Schellenberg online shop expands the service offers for end customers. A particular benefit here is the option to comfortably obtain original replacement parts in manufacturer's quality without needing to order them first at the DIY or specialised retail store. Additionally, the online shop is a valuable market research instrument to test new products for market acceptance. If successful, these products are subsequently added to the catalog range in all stationary outlets.

PIM-OXID shop interface based on BMEcat

To generate an electronic catalog for the OXID shop, you must define (specific to the market, if necessary) in the crossbase database which products (catalog range) to include in the shop and which price lists and languages are relevant.

BMEcat 1.2 is used as an electronic format for providing data. Two separate exports are carried out. One is an overall export of all items including accessories and spare parts. The second is a reduced export for the spare parts catalog. The data is processed in the middleware developed by NEXUS Netsoft to enable integration of the BMEcat product data into the OXID shop.

The exact same structure, the customer-related marketing structure, is used in crossbase for both exports. The marketing structure from crossbase reflects the navigation area in the online shop, where the two exports are displayed again separately in the shop itself under "Catalog range" and "Spare parts & Accessories".


  • The automation of the printed catalog and OXID shop from a media-neutral data inventory enables uniform and up-to-date communication while simultaneously reducing production expenditures.
  • The automation of product descriptions as bullet point texts enables the lowest possible expense for maintaining structured texts from text components. The texts are marked in a media-neutral manner and can therefore be used equally well for print and online.

Added benefits for the online shop in comparison to print:

  • The spare parts and accessories are assigned to the products in crossbase. These links can be seen in the online shop and can be requested immediately.
  • The detailed information is shown in the image labels in print. In the online shop, on the other hand, there is more space. Therefore, the information is represented in a table in a clearly arranged manner.

Part display in print vs. online


Schellenberg online shop

Schellenberg online shop

Schellenberg online shop

Schellenberg online shop

The applied application modules

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