crossbase print server – preview for product managers and turbocharger for print production

Böblingen 14/12/2011: The production of sales documents is often subject to tight deadlines. In many cases, every minute counts - especially when several foreign language versions have to be produced on time or there are changes that the product manager wants to see immediately in the layout.

To meet both requirements, crossbase developed a print server that is directly linked to Adobe InDesign.

  • This technology makes it possible to create InDesign documents on a print server from a desktop PC without Adobe InDesign and crossbase.print having to be installed on the local computer.
  • In print production, several production computers can be controlled in parallel in a server farm to accelerate the production process. The technology base is the same as that used for the preview function.

Preview function

The preview function is integrated in the data maintenance application With just a click the product manager or technical writer can generate a print preview of a page in a selected language, for example following changes to images, text or table contents, even if crossbase.print and Adobe InDesign are not installed on the local computer. Production is initiated on the print server, which returns a print preview in PDF.

The crossbase print server controls production jobs through allocated production computers which have reported their availability to the server. The production computer processes a job and generates a PDF of the page using InDesign. Once this is complete, a message is sent from the print server to the local computer.

crossbase print server

The production time is greatly reduced using the crossbase print server, which is able to bundle several production computers. Available computers report their availability to the crossbase print server, which distributes production jobs in parallel to the available PCs. The process is intelligently controlled by a load balancer module. The server farm is especially useful for large production volumes, for example when different language versions are being produced.

Messages in the crossbase.print server farm

Viewing preview documents in

The applied application modules

image image

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