Relaunch of the Internet presence at ÖVP Vorarlberg

Bregenz, 19/05/2014: The Vorarlberger Volkspartei is deep-rooted regionally and committed to Austria's Vorarlberg region and its people. Ensuring the quality of the common living environment is its top priority. It is committed to family and partnerships, public safety and social security and economic well-being. Grassroots and modern are not mutually exclusive for the Vorarlberger Volkspartei.

This also plays a role in re-designing their website. The political topics are to be communicated using a clear visual language to allow them send its message to the voters. Despite this, the website does not seem excessively busy and visitors can navigate through it quickly.

New design layout and current web technologies

The ÖVP fundamentally re-designed and modernised its appearance for the upcoming elections. The new design guidelines are being applied in a cross-media manner, which is why the Internet presence was also completely reworked. Here, not only the appearance but also the technology was to be brought up to date, e.g. by enabling current web technologies and flexible adaptations of the layouts to different types of devices (responsive layout).

To implement these goals, ÖVP once again opted for the Content Management System from crossbase. The already available templates allow the layout and implementation in the CMS to be implemented in just a few weeks and the content to be maintained as early as implementation. Thus, the entire project was finished in just one month.

The content is maintained in the page editor of crossbase.net using the website's layout templates. e.g. the editor already sees how the text and layout modules will look on the website during maintenance. Along with texts and images, any number of layout modules (e.g. multi-column page components) can be defined and added at a click of the mouse.


  • Responsive layout and navigation for optimised display on various devices
  • Comprehensive news and press area
  • Full-text search
  • Contact forms
  • Integration of social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube short text

Homepage of the ÖVP Vorarlberg website

Software module

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