BMEcat, DATANORM, GAEB & Co. in use at KEMPER GmbH + Co. KG

Olpe, 26/03/2015: Gebr. KEMPER GmbH + Co. KG is an independent, standalone family-owned company rich in tradition, which since its founding in 1864 has grown to become a modern brand with high international esteem. KEMPER is one of the world's most respected specialists for precise and high-quality non-ferrous metal products and semi-finished metal products. KEMPER has 7 subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia. More than 800 employees work in the three business areas of building technology, casting technology and rolled products.

Gebr. KEMPER GmbH + Co. KG decided to use the PIM and cross-media solution from crossbase for managing product data, automating print publications, and providing data for its online catalog and online portals.

All-round solution – generating a large number of different electronic catalogs from one database

KEMPER uses the PIM and cross-media solution with interface to Baan to automate catalogs and price lists. It is also frequently used as a data hub for online catalogs, trading partners and portals for planners and architects. This involves the following media, sales channels and formats:

Flexible exports

Since the structure for XML formats can be configured flexibly, crossbase works with a wide range of formats. In addition, every format can be flexibly configured by the user in relation to the content (known as XML mapping). For example, SHK and DATANORM require invitations to tender split into blocks of max. 40 characters and without formatting, while the ausschreiben.de portal supports a continuous text, which may also be formated.

Automated content generation

Different media and sales channels require different content, but sometimes the differences between them are very slight. The following crossbase functionalities, which can all be flexibly defined by the user, help with the automatic preparation of content:

  • Conversion of numbers and texts using numerical and string formulas
  • Text generation from existing text modules using text templates
  • Conversion of image formats following format templates


  • Introducing the PIM system has consolidated and harmonised the data inventory - all product information in all languages is managed in one central database.
  • All media and sales channels can be flexibly served from this one source.
  • Standardization and automation make uniform, up-to-date communication possible while reducing production outlay.

Download area on website of Gebr. KEMPER GmbH + Co. KG

The applied application modules

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