PIM and cross-media solution in use at Gühring KG

Albstadt, 12/10/2015: Gühring KG is a family-run company and one of the world's leading manufacturers of rotating precision tools for metal machining, based in Albstadt. The company is represented by over 70 production and service centers and 48 national companies worldwide. The product range comprises drilling, threading, milling, countersinking, reaming and clamping tools.

For product information management, automated catalog production and data provision for trading partners and its website, Gühring opted for the PIM and cross-media solution from crossbase.

PIM with interface to SAP

Gühring is using the PIM and cross-media solution to maintain product information. Over 45,000 items are imported along with product hierarchy, master data and prices using a smart interface program. Items of the same kind are grouped into 'types' and features from item level are aggregated at type level. Gühring developed the program in house on the basis of the crossbase API server.

Marketing-oriented data maintenance and translation

In order to communicate the products with marketing strongly in mind, the imported items are referenced to brand-specific product views using the corresponding types. Product photos and drawings are imported and linked for each type and additional image formats are automatically generated with the graphics converter (e.g. rotated by 90°). Text modules in over 15 language variants are also assigned from a product-neutral document module structure and list texts are generated, e.g. area of application and product info.

The untranslated text for foreign-language markets is determined automatically and made available to the Across translation memory system (TMS). This connection offers additional cost-saving potential because the TMS allows translations to be intelligently reused. In other words, once a translation has been added to the PIM, only new text needs to be translated.

All-round solution – controlling all sales channels from one database

The extensive print publications for various brands are automated with the help of Adobe InDesign using table and layout templates. In total there are more than 20 country/language price variants with over 50,000 pages. This large number of pages is distributed to multiple print clients, controlled simultaneously by the print server, so that printing does not slow down the workflow.

Data for electronic catalogs is to be provided in BMEcat format with the classifications UN/SPSC and eCl@ss, and with XML or the API server for the website. Additionally, all product information for the whole company is to be made available with the crossbase.office application for reuse in Office programs (Word, PowerPoint).


  • Introducing the PIM system has consolidated and harmonized the data inventory – all product information in all relevant languages is managed in one central database.
  • All media and sales channels can be flexibly served from this one source, particularly the extensive catalogs, the website and BMEcat catalogs.
  • Standardization and automation make uniform, up-to-date communication possible while reducing production outlay.

Gühring catalog sample


The applied application modules

image image image image image image image image image image

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