crossbase price update module as used at Frank GmbH

Mörfelden-Walldorf, 28/10/2009: The FRANK Group has been a leading supplier of plastic piping for over 40 years. It produces tried-and-tested plastic pipe systems made of PE, PP, PVDF and ECTFE. Its technologically mature solutions include complete systems for industry, gas and water suppliers and wastewater management. In addition to pipes and mouldings, it offers welding and joining technologies, plastic valves, semi-finished products, geosynthetics and accessories for biogas and geothermal systems.

Price updates performed with crossbase and Adobe InDesign

To perform fully automatic and error-free price updates, Frank GmbH uses the price update module from crossbase. The ability to build a PIM and crossmedia solution in stages, from individual modules and with manageable costs, was a key factor in favour of the crossbase solution.

To implement a price update, the user first selects the InDesign book documents, then the price file, and then the column containing the price information. Finally, the price is updated with a single click. The program opens the individual documents in the selected books, identifies the item numbers and replaces the relevant prices.

Reporting functions in the price update module

To assist with the evaluation of the process and the quality of price information, the module produces a final report containing the following information:

  • Prices updated in the InDesign document
  • Items that have the same prices in the price list and the InDesign document
  • Items that occur in the InDesign document but are not listed in the price file
  • Items that are listed in the price file but do not occur in the InDesign document
  • Items whose price in the InDesign document is higher than in the price file
  • Items with no price information in the InDesign document

Maintenance screen in the price update module

Sample of the price list





Software module

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