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Waldachtal, 15/08/2008: The fischerwerke group of companies, based in Waldachtal in the Black Forest, is regarded as one of the great innovators. All over the world, the name fischer is synonymous with innovation and supreme quality. This statement is underlined by about 2000 individual inventions. With a total of 22 regional companies in 19 countries as well as importers in more than 100 countries, fischer products are available all over the world.

Optimized sales and marketing processes

fischer uses the program at over 150 workstations in its German sales office, export, marketing and PR departments, and French and Dutch subsidiaries, for example to add images or current product descriptions to SAP quotations.

The required information can be retrieved using a variety of search options depending on the starting situation. The user can perform a full-text search, enter an item number, or search for an item using the product tree. There is a preview function showing the available images, text and tables as well as relationships to other products (e.g. accessories and parts lists).

When the data is exported to a Microsoft Office program, language-specific text is formatted according to the defined style templates. Product images and assembly illustrations are inserted without conversion in Office quality. Item tables and comparative tables are added through the interface of Word. Because all documents and images are stored centrally in the crossbase database, only up-to-date information is ever used. The software prevents out-of-date images or product descriptions from being inserted in a quotation or marketing document.

Martin Schreiber from the e-communications and international marketing team says: "The search times for images, texts and documents such as approvals and press releases have been dramatically reduced. All the marketing information is stored in a central system, where it is easily accessible. We no longer need redundant data storage."

Word template with SAP data and illustrated quotation, produced by fischer

Word template with SAP data and illustrated quotation, produced by fischer

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