crossbase.term - Build up crossbase.term - company-wide dictionary in crossbase.term and exchange it with TMS

Böblingen 2014-02-19: The crossbase term management helps you to define and manage all names and terms in your technical terminology within the context of its respective use. For a term, the following categories, for example, can be defined: lexical structure, description and synonyms. Terms can additionally be synchronised with the TMS over the TMS interface.

crossbase.term is now available in a completely revised version. Both the user interface and the underlying functions were completely re-developed, so that work is even easier to read and goes more efficiently than before. The look and feel of it was adjusted to the standard interface that is familiar from Microsoft Office, for example.

Integrated term check

The standard term check offers the possibility to check texts from any source through the Windows clipboard. A table illustration of negative and positive terms is then immediately output in the overlay window.

Batch search for Microsoft Word documents

A particular highlight of the new crossbase.term version is the batch test, with which you can search through entire folders of Word documents in DOCX format (even recursively) for negative terms. Subsequently, you receive a detailed report indicating which documents these were used in.

Comfortable Microsoft Word plugin

You can interactively examine texts for negative terms with a newly developed plugin that will be embedded after installing crossbase.term in Microsoft Word. The advantage is that you work conveniently in Word and can also simultaneously rely on termbases stored in crossbase. The dialogue offers the familiar features of Word spellcheck: Start search, replace and ignore hits.

crossbase.term user interface


The applied application modules


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