Text shrinking function in crossbase.print minimises text overflow in Adobe InDesign

Böblingen 15/12/2008: The text shrinking function in crossbase.print is a way of modifying the text formatting within a defined visual frame. It automatically prevents the text in text boxes or table cells from exceeding the available space, as often happens when a text is translated into another language. If a text overflow is detected, the content of the field can be reduced in size using predefined text shrinking methods.

The text is adapted by the automatic modification of various character formats in Adobe InDesign. The user can specify exactly which character format parameters are changed, in what order, and in what steps. User-configurable characteristics include horizontal and vertical scaling, font size and line spacing. A threshold value defines the limit to which certain parameters may be adapted. This retains the overall look of the document as far as possible.

Example: Any parameters can be defined, so for example a text can first be scaled horizontally by up to 40% in steps of 1%. If this does not resolve the overflow problem, the next rule comes into play and the font size is reduced by 2 points. Other parameters include vertical scaling and line spacing.

The wide range of parameters and settings available minimises the occurrence of text overflow. Any remaining text overflows are automatically highlighted to make them easier to spot. This process is particularly useful when dealing with foreign language texts and significantly reduces the amount of rework required.

Example of text shrinking and overflow


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