crossbase.media: Automated production of language-specific graphics, QR codes and barcodes

Böblingen 19/09/2014: In addition to the revised and improved production of language-specific Illustrator graphics, the new software module crossbase.media includes automated production of QR codes and barcodes.

Many companies use barcodes and/or QR codes to allow product information to be found immediately, for example on a website. With the redeveloped crossbase.media module they can now be generated automatically.

Illustrator production

crossbase.media allows you to produce language-specific graphics in Illustrator. Illustrator production starts with a language-neutral Illustrator source file in EPS or AI format. Text frames with markers are created in this file to mark where pieces of text are to be placed. Once the language and desired output type have been selected, the file can be produced. The result: a language-specific graphic.

Because the language-specific texts are placed using exact coordinates on specific levels, you have a standard view for all languages and can also change the key plate for printing if necessary.

Defined derivatives for different media can also be generated automatically from a language-specific graphic. For example, the program can automatically create illustrations in JPG format for the Internet or in PNG format for Office documents from the AI graphic using level selection.

Creation of individual language-specific AI graphics (graphics on left) based on language-neutral base graphics (graphics on right) with placeholders.

Text maintenance and change management

This means you only have to update and translate your texts once to link them to several different graphics. The texts are simply edited with the crossbase text editor without having to install Adobe Illustrator. Finally, the texts can be conveniently translated using the crossbase translation workflow because they are managed in XML format in the crossbase database.

There is no need to worry about change management. The batch function in crossbase.media automatically checks to see where changes have been made and generates the corresponding graphics afresh.

Automatically prepare Illustrator source file for production

Existing Illustrator files with language-specific texts can be automatically prepared. The file is analyzed, the texts are extracted and replaced by placeholders, and the template is added to the database.

DXF converter

DXF drawings can also be automatically converted into EPS files with the DXF converter. With the help of conversion you can then integrate your CAD drawings into documents.

QR code and barcode production

The integrated barcode module can generate around 200 different types of barcode. Both 2D barcodes (QR codes) and 3D barcodes can be generated in different file formats.

To create QR code / barcode graphics, the required products must be given attributes with the barcode or QR code information. In crossbase.media, EAN-8 and EAN-13 type barcodes and QR codes can be produced as standard. A wide range of other barcode types is also supported.

QR code and barcode produced with the crossbase.media module.

The applied application modules


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