Relaunch of the media service CREATON | Media with CMS from crossbase

Wertingen, 16/07/2014: CREATON AG, based in Wertingen near Augsburg, is one of Germany's largest manufacturers of clay roof tiles. The company is the market leader in the field of plain tiles and one of the leading manufacturers of pressed roofing tiles in Europe. More than 1000 people work in 15 factories at 9 locations. The majority shareholder of CREATON AG is the Belgium group Etex.

CREATON makes a large amount of images of products and copy objects available for customers and dealers on the Internet. The goal was to replace the previous media service with a new version with a modern appearance, and to expand the scope of functions and integration with the crossbase PIM and cross-media solution.

crossbase database serves as the central data source

To implement the media service CREATON | Media, CREATON opted for the crossbase CMS system. A deciding factor for this was that the media files are already managed in the integrated Media Asset Management (MAM) system of the PIM and cross-media solution from crossbase. All information can thus be managed in a database and be provisioned via centrally controllable permissions for internal and external users on the intranet and Internet, without needing an interface for provision of data to an external system.

One-of-a-kind dynamic search

Accessing CREATON | Media takes place on the start page, which provides a full-text search. The integration of a suggested search with auto-completion of search results in the full-text search offers the user possible hits for selection even while they are still entering the term.

Selection and download

For selected media files in the tile view, an enlarged preview can be displayed and a detail page with available formats and additional media information can be retrieved. Here the user has the possibility to add the media files in the desired formats in a selection and to mark these for downloading.

CMS – YouTube interface

Videos are easily incorporated into the media service CREATON | Media through the newly created interface for the YouTube channel CREATONTV. For this purpose, the video files are imported into the crossbase database. The videos are directly transferred to the YouTube channel through the interface to YouTube.

The thumbnails that are then generated on YouTube are in turn transferred to the crossbase database. The major advantage of this is the maintenance of the videos at one central location. The videos integrated into CREATON | Media are streamed on YouTube, on which these videos can be played on all common platforms without issues.

Individual rights management for registered users

Registered users receive additional rights after logging in. Permissions for additional functions, such as "save selection," are assigned specifically to user groups. With the help of these functions, it is possible to save selections long-term or to make them available to another person by e-mailing them a download link. For service providers, such as media agencies, high-resolution media files can be made available. With over 42,000 subscribers, the new media service has proved very popular.

Tour to discover all the important functions of the media service

Users have the possibility to learn about the CREATON | Media's functions step-by-step from a guided tour. This ensures that users can optimally use the range of functions.


  • The one-of-a-kind, dynamic search allows for fast and easy searches for product images, reference images, videos, drawings, brochures, etc.
  • Through the seamless integration of CREATON | Media into the PIM and cross-media solution from crossbase, all data are managed centrally, significantly reducing maintenance effort. All media files maintained in the Media Asset Management system are instantly available in the intranet and on the Internet and can be made available according to permissions.

CREATON | Media image gallery

Suggested search terms with auto-completion of search results in full-text search field.

Dynamic search and display in tile view.

Detail view of a media element including available file formats and file sizes.

What customers say

The crossbase PIM and cross-media solution allows us to manage our media elements centrally and create a reliable database without redundancies. We use our media library to offer our customers top service that sets new benchmarks in the roofing industry.

Christoph Pöpperl, project manager

The applied application modules

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