crossbase at CeBIT 2016 – Hall 4 Stand C57/1

Böblingen, Germany 25.09.2015: At CeBIT 2016 (14 to 18 March 2016), the world's biggest trade fair for information technology, crossbase mediasolution GmbH will be presenting a host of new and established solutions for PIM, Cross Media Publishing, eBusiness and CMS.

One for all - crossbase stands for maximum flexibility in Product Information Management (PIM). One fully integrated database for all media and sales channels: crossbase provides a software solution for industrial and trading companies that enables them to meet all their global product communications requirements. crossbase has developed a fully integrated, modular PIM, CMS and cross-media standard software solution with its own individual characteristics. This solution is suitable for a wide range of applications extending from product data maintenance with a connection to the ERP system, Media Asset Management, translation and the automated production of print publications, to the creation of websites, online catalogs with shop functions, tablet applications, and electronic catalogs for eBusiness.

The following solutions will be on show at CeBIT 2016:

To continue expanding crossbase as a data hub for product data, the versatile API server, flexible Excel configurator and a user-friendly BMEcat viewer have been developed:

API server

image The JSON/REST interface allows product information to be retrieved from programs and integrated in external applications, e.g. in websites, online catalogs and shops. Or alternatively in internal systems, such as label printing systems or ERP systems. Because the API server is also used for internal development at crossbase, it is very powerful. Customer-specific requirements, for example the provision of 'bite-size' data, can be fulfilled with Custom Services.

Excel configurator

image In addition to the requirement to provide XML formats, Excel is increasingly also in demand because this format is easy for the human user to read and edit and for the machine to import. The crossbase Excel configurator allows you to flexibly configure Excel exports, e.g. on the basis of specified customer item numbers, and to update specifically defined columns.

BMEcat viewer

image Because XML formats are tricky for a human to read, making it nearly impossible to check the content, a viewer has been developed for the standard format BMEcat specifically for content checking. The BMEcat viewer consists of various user interfaces, search and filter options and is available through the crossbase customer portal or as a standalone online module.

The focus will also be placed on the expansion of data maintenance options, especially web interfaces:


image A live editor has been added to the CMS to simplify website maintenance. Many details of the online modules based on the CMS, especially the online catalog and media service have been improved and expanded.

Web front end

To improve the link with local markets, the existing web front end used for translation is being expanded. For example, to allow the localisation of images and texts, country-specific navigation and catalog ranges, and to supplement the option of country-specific products.

Another highlight is the newly developed crossbase.plan application module and the IT-optimized use of the Oracle database:


This allows production managers to create a project plan. With tasks, assignments to employees, times and dependencies. The employees concerned can view and edit the tasks on a dashboard. Progress can be calculated automatically from the data, allowing the project to be controlled.

Royalty partner to Oracle

As a royalty partner to Oracle, crossbase offers an embedded software license (ESL), which is directly embedded in the crossbase software license. As part of this we also offer support for the Oracle database. Of course limited to use with the crossbase software, the ESL makes it possible to have installations on any number of machines and on any virtualization server set-up, e.g. with any number of processors, in server networks, etc., and to grant access to any number of users, for example internal users and external web users, etc.



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