DYNALOG software for furniture body planning and ordering fittings - updated for Julius Blum GmbH

Höchst/Bregenz, 06/06/2009: DYNALOG is a powerful planning and ordering software solution available in 18 languages. The current version has new products added, so Blum customers can access the complete range. The intention is that every user who comes into contact with Blum's hinge, pull-out and lift systems should enjoy the maximum possible benefit.

Product selection with DYNACAT

DYNACAT presents Blum fittings for the European trade range and a wide selection of fittings applications. As well as a product finder and ordering facility, DYNACAT also provides detailed information about the Blum product range.

The system breaks down complex applications (such as the TANDEMBOX with ORGA-LINE dividing system) for any installation situation to avoid mistakes when ordering. It also provides installation drawings, adjustment and assembly instructions and 3D CAD data for lift, hinge and pull-out systems.

Ordering with DYNASHOP

DYNASHOP is used for the ordering process. Various product features such as surface colour can be changed when ordering. The module manages all orders and provides a variety of export formats. It is also possible to add dealer item numbers and prices and even a link to the dealer's ordering system.

Assisted selection with practical examples

Parts list returned by configurator

The applied application modules

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