Automated tablet publishing with crossbase

Böblingen 11/12/2012: The demands placed on crossmedia product communication are growing all the time and, with the establishment of mobile devices in business, new communication channels are opening up. crossbase offers solutions suited to the application for tablets and smartphones with three approaches: firstly web pages with responsive layouts, which are depicted perfectly on all devices, secondly apps for managed product selection and thirdly interactive presentations as a counterpart to catalogs or brochures to support the sales dialog.

The benefits of using tablets are obvious. There is space for all printed documents on, for example, an iPad and content from various media, e.g. videos or online content, can be added. The content can be kept up-to-date at all times and the form of depiction has its very own appeal.

crossbase wouldn't be crossbase if we hadn't considered how the new sales channel could be best used with existing tools and resources. In other words, how can publications in all languages also be prepared for tablets with as little effort as possible such that use is also made of new opportunities?

The applied application modules

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