The crossbase PIM, MAM and cross-media solution in use at aleo solar

Oldenburg, 28/06/2012: aleo solar AG is a solar module manufacturer operating in the premium segment. Founded in 2001, the company has been part of the Bosch Group since 2009 and employs more than 900 people at a total of ten international sites. As a system provider for the global photovoltaics market, aleo solar sells all the components of a photovoltaic system, mainly modules, inverters and assembly systems, via authorized installers and dealers.

To create standardized but market-specific product communication, aleo solar opted for the crossbase PIM and crossmedia solution. Automatically produced media include the multi-lingual and market-specific data sheets as well as multi-lingual SAP sales texts.

SAP interface and workflow

To use the basic data from the existing SAP system, an interface to the crossbase database was set up. All sales items with brief text and product status are imported into the PIM system daily via this connection. Data maintenance and publication workflow have been standardised thanks to the to-do list, completeness check and traffic light switching.

Data maintenance and print production

Items are classified and marketing-specific product information is added in the PIM system, where it is displayed in the various market- and media-specific product views. This includes the various data sheets, which are produced automatically in accordance with approvals for 8 markets with 20 country variants in 24, sometimes country-specific, languages for specialist dealers and installers using crossbase and Adobe InDesign.

Translation and text workflow

The translation process has been automated; the precise need for translation is determined by crossbase and the translation performed using the Trados translation memory system.

SAP sales texts

The highlight is automatic generation of multi-lingual sales texts for SAP. Text modules and product features are taken from crossbase and the texts transferred to SAP via XML on a daily basis.


  • Introducing the PIM system has consolidated and harmonised the data inventory - all product information in all languages is managed in one central database.
  • Standardizing the data maintenance and translation process ensures the consistency of data throughout and reduces the amount of maintenance work required.
  • Automating the SAP sales texts and market-specific data sheets enables consistent and rapid communication.

Catalog sample


The applied application modules

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