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Once added to crossbase, data can be prepared for the shop, trading partner or portal at the touch of a button, e.g. with XML, API and Excel, or made to look attractive using Word and PowerPoint.

The key requirements at a glance:

Seamless integration of Microsoft Office

As a sales professional, providing existing and potential customers with up-to-date and relevant product information is part and parcel of your job. In many cases, this involves creating quotations and presentations with the Microsoft applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For this you need up-to-date images and texts that are easy to find and optimally formatted for use in Office applications.

The crossbase Office module makes it easy to create sales documents for sales employees to a consistent professional standard. The self-explanatory program provides access to product information throughout an organization. Word templates allow data sheets to be automatically generated and individual PowerPoint presentations to be created, and if necessary updated.


Access to centrally stored product information

Mobile end devices, such as the Apple iPad, are now an established part of the sales process. As the salesperson, you have all the necessary up-to-date sales documents to hand, can respond interactively to customer questions and can use different media, such as videos, to engage the customer's emotions.

crossbase offers a range of possibilities for different application scenarios. For example, sales documents such as Word, PowerPoint and PDFs can be synchronized on the tablet and located through a user interface according to the salesperson's user authorizations. Presentations with complex media content can also be retrieved.


PIM-integrated online catalog with shop functions

For many businesses, the Internet is already the primary channel for buying and selling products. As an e-commerce executive, you know how important it is to have a consistent, up-to-date data inventory for this sales channel.

Nowadays every business needs an online catalog with shop functions and, unlike print publications, they need to be continuously updated. As a general rule, an online resource should complement the print version rather than simply replicating it. Businesses should make the most of online media to give customers useful advice and provide targeted product information.

The PIM-integrated online catalog with shop functions retrieves all texts, images and product data directly from the central database. No interface is needed, resulting in the shortest possible connection to the database.


Provision of data for trading partners

To move into new sales channels or integrate trading partners more in e-commerce processes, electronic catalogs are needed in various formats, e.g. BMEcat, nexMart or Excel, with customer-specific content and classifications, for example eCl@ss, ETIM or UNSPSC.

With the crossbase PIM and cross-media solution, you can supply information flexibly to all electronic sales channels. There are already more than 10 different formats in use. New or modified formats can be introduced with little effort thanks to the flexible XML and Excel technology in crossbase.



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