Requirements – product data maintenance

  • PRODUCT MANAGER – software module tailored to various user groups that provides assistance in bulk data maintenance and individual editing
  • TECHNICAL EDITORS – all product information can be mapped flexibly and in detail
  • TRANSLATOR – assists in the integration of in-house and external translators

Fields for product relationships, features, media assets, texts, countries and languages can be flexibly added to the crossbase database to continually adapt it to the data maintenance requirements.

The key requirements at a glance:

Central data management

As a product manager you are the link between marketing and product development. You have a thorough knowledge of the product information in your catalog range: product characteristics, e.g. technical features, processing and application, and product relationships, such as accessories, spare parts and recommendations. You understand how to present this information to the customer in a readily understandable form and you want to manage it in a central location, not in lots of different systems, catalogs, Excel spreadsheets and so on.

The PIM, MAM and cross-media solution from crossbase allows marketing-specific product structures and relationships to be depicted in line with the customer's requirements, based on data from the ERP system, in a central database system. Our project manager supports the initial preparation of your data inventory and the automatic import of this data into the database.


Convenient data maintenance interface with preview function

With crossbase you can maintain product information with the help of convenient user interfaces: in a customizable spreadsheet form similar to Excel, using individual editing with the help of a quick click function, or in a workflow using a task list and completeness check.

You can also use the inheritance function for efficient data maintenance, validities for the time control of information, and referencing to create product views and product relationships. You can use the product preview function to visually illustrate all product information.


Flexible and media-neutral database

As an administrator you can add new fields to the data model, e.g. for new attributes, product classifications, relationship types and editorial content. All information is stored in media-neutral form so there is no need to maintain it separately for different media. To ensure that the data is neutral for all media, the text is stored in XML. Text markups can be defined and assigned to media-specific paragraph and character formats.

To avoid repeated, monotonous tasks as much as possible, text can also be generated automatically from text modules and attributes. This allows uniformly structured texts of a high quality to be created. To achieve high text quality the terminology module and text check can also be used.


Automation of layout

Different programs are used for automatically creating documents, depending on requirements. For documents that describe a large number of products, such as catalogs, spare parts lists or data sheets, the optimum choice is a layout program like Adobe InDesign. If you need to create documents with a lot of text, such as operating or maintenance manuals, Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word is used.

crossbase provides complete automation for practically all types of presentation: whether for industrial catalogs with structured product pages or mail-order catalogs with creative layout, editorial pages for the structured presentation of practical knowledge or artwork pages for emotional appeal, or technical documentation for operating instructions and price lists with a consistently flowing, standardized layout.


Central text management

Each text should only be translated into the required languages once for all points where it is used. This requires the texts to be managed centrally in the source language and the target languages. The translation requirement for modified or new texts is determined using the text status.


Translation tools and consistency

Text that requires translation can be sent to agencies which use a translation memory system (TMS) or the relevant national subsidiaries which work directly with crossbase applications, e.g. the web front end, or alternatively in Excel.


With the web front end browser-based system, translators can translate directly online without being registered in the central network. This is especially useful for print publications because they can be translated in the context of the layout, reducing the need for corrections.



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