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The MAM and print modules integrated in crossbase enable a highly flexible and automated process for producing Adobe InDesign documents and sharing images, documents, videos, graphics and CAD drawings.

The key requirements at a glance:

Media-neutral management of images, documents and videos

As a graphic designer you manage an ever-growing number of media files for different purposes: the illustration of products, applications, reference objects, companies, employees, processes and so on. All media files are stored in different output formats, for example PSD, AI or TIF for the print catalog and GIF or JPG for the Internet, in different country/language variants and with different version validities.

The use of the fully integrated media-neutral image database / MAM with automatic conversion makes this job much easier and makes the associated creation and modification processes effective and time-saving.


Distributing images, documents and videos

As a graphic designer you make images, documents and videos available to different internal and external user groups. This might be for the production of media, such as print publications, online media, mobile applications or electronic catalogs. Or it might be for day-to-day use in Office documents, such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

This process can be controlled with minimal resource use with the integrated online media service. Internal and external users all over the globe, with the right authorizations, can use a convenient web interface to filter the required image files, retrieve detailed image information and download the required files.


Layout creation at the click of a button

The automatic creation of printed sales document layouts for all countries and languages is possible with crossbase - from single pages, through to the generation of books and ready-to-print PDFs. You can thus create price lists and data sheets with a consistently uniform layout as well as brochures and flyers with modular or freely created layouts at the click of a button.

The crossbase table editor allows you to generate tables straight from product information. All requirements, covering everything from default tables to complex matrix tables, are satisfied. Tables can contain features as well as product images and texts.


Creation of artwork pages and editorial pages

crossbase software modules, in conjunction with Adobe InDesign, assist you throughout the entire layout and production process. Along with “modular” and “wrapping”, there is also the “free placement” layout option, with which single or double pages can be generated with a creative layout. You can thus design your editorial pages and artwork pages with complete freedom via the Adobe InDesign library.

Layouts can be as creative as the designer chooses, and there are no design limitations. You have complete freedom when designing your brochures and flyers, even with optional automation.


Zusammenarbeit mit Agenturen

Using the crossbase solution often changes the way a company collaborates with agencies, because with crossbase the customer can control their media production in house. It also supports parts of the agency's production process, for example finishing. In this case the agency is given external access, e.g. using Citrix, and receives training from crossbase.

In most cases the agency's work focuses on creating sample pages in compliance with the corporate design, producing the cover and artwork pages and creating photos and illustrations. To support this collaborative process crossbase provides tools, e.g. to upload images, and know-how, e.g. on the optimization of sample pages with respect to automation.


Generating online media

The crossbase CMS allows online media to be designed with almost any look. The necessary layout templates are specified by the agency in collaboration with crossbase, e.g. in the form of Photoshop files.

crossbase translates these design templates into dynamic HTML, linking the layout with the data. The configuration of the layout templates can be modified by the agency or the customer.


Fully integrated CMS for websites and as a platform for all online media

The crossbase CMS can be fully integrated into the PIM solution, providing access to all company and product data. Duplicative maintenance is thus not necessary.

Furthermore, the CMS can be used flexibly as the base platform for all online modules, so that the websites, online catalogs with shop functions and the media service can be integrated with the crossbase CMS and be presented to a high quality.


Generating mobile applications

The growing popularity of tablets and other mobile end devices has resulted in exciting new tasks for web designers. Websites, microsites and online shops, etc., must be optimally displayed on various mobile end devices.

Along with “responsive layout”, crossbase also offers two solutions for apps on mobile end devices, which access locally saved data: Structured product displays in HTML5 format and database-driven applications for the selection of media files and products as a native app.



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