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Overview and efficiency thanks to the crossbase software solution: at the click of a button you can supply your customers around the world with current and needs-based product information and prepare your data for online shops, trading partners and portals.

The key requirements at a glance:

Market- and media-specific product communication

The sheer number of markets and electronic sales channels demand different processes and systems. Whereas once you might have produced a new catalog every two years in just a few languages, the complete catalog and sections of it now have to be printed at shorter intervals and in a much wider range of country variants. You also need to supply the online catalog, shop and trading portals with up-to-date electronic data. Finally, you must be able to operate flexibly within the markets and present a uniform image of your company in different media and different countries.

The sheer range of media required can only be economically produced with a systematic approach. This applies to both your processes and the use of time-saving automated tools to produce printed and digital media. For everyone involved to collaborate successfully, it is essential that they have central access to up-to-date product information. Product management, sales and marketing teams must work with the same information. Up-to-date texts and images must be immediately available for use in the relevant medium.


Standardization and automation

By linking this solution to your ERP system, item master data is continuously and automatically transferred to the crossbase database. There the data is enhanced with additional marketing-relevant product information in the form of product characteristics, product relationships, text, photos, graphics or drawings. Thus, the crossbase database becomes the central starting point for all of your corporate communication.

This central access to all product information and automated media production result in dramatic time and cost savings while creating added differentiation in customer communication. The solution covers the full range of requirements, from product catalogs for specific markets and target audiences to online catalogs with shop functions and even mobile applications. The application modules can be rolled out gradually; the system is flexibly scalable.



Thomas Kern
Managing Partner, Project Manager
+49 (0)7031 / 714 – 720


Herby Tessadri
Head of Sales, Authorized Signatory
+43 (0)5574 / 64880 – 39

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